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The App

Currently only hosting basketball activities, we have over 5,000 players in the UK, with the community getting bigger each day. Browse for games on a map or check out games we recommend.

Where can i play basketball in london?

The app hosts weekly basketball games in Hoxton, Canary Wharf, Kensington, Woolwich, Wembley and other locations in the UK.

Where can i find basketball players for my game?

The app provides access to players all over the UK. Simply add and announce your basketball game in the app for free and the app will work on finding players for you.

Whet else does the app offer?

Accept payment from players via Paypal. Location and contact details of 4,000+ basketball courts across the UK. Support for game organizers (more details below).

App Features

Video Sharing

Connect your Youtube channel and share your videos with other users in-app or watch postgame highlights and training videos shared by other users

Payment Processing

Organizers can seamlessly receive payments and process refunds in-app through an integration with stripe

Global Group Chat

An open forum chat where all users can discuss games, sports topics, training techniques, etc and share pictures and links

MVP Voting

Vote and receive votes for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) after each game and monitor your rise up the player ranking leaderboards.

become an organizer

who is a gameon active organizer?

Any independent organizer who would like to run basketball activities with our support and under our brand.

what do you get?

Financial sponsorship, advertising support, advice on pricing, court booking and running a great pickup, and you keep any profits from the game..

why do we do it?

We would like to see GameOn Active be the number one destination for organizing and finding all sports activities across the UK.

Our Games

Check out some User Submitted highlights from Our Games.

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our team

Jimmy Law

Jimmy who is also currently the lead data scientist at DAZN, graduated with a masters degree in financial mathematics from Cass Business School in 2010. After spending most of his early professional career in investment banking, his passion for playing basketball drove him to quit banking and start GameOn Active.

Gerald Asante

After graduating from Fordham University with a computer science & economics degree, he spent over five years in product management and business analysis within the IT sector. His love for playing sports, primarily basketball inspired him to start Gameon Active with Jimmy

"We created GameOn Active because we want to see more people stay active in their busy lives by taking part in the sports or physical activities that they love. For now, we are focused on the basketball community in the UK but we will look to expand to other sports and locations over time. To help us grow, we are always looking for more organizers, courts, referees and players - do get in touch if you would like to help or work with us!"

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